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Bethesda has announced that Starfield and Redfall aren't coming this year! Greg and Tim sort through their thoughts and feelings!

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00:06:05 - Housekeeping

A HELL of a KFGC is live right now on Lucy James joins us to talk about our top 3 working game developers! Come yell at us and celebrate your picks!

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The Roper Report -


00:11:30 - Are you legitimately surprised that Starfield was delayed? - Best Friends Q:Constantine

00:17:00 - Does the Redfall/Starfield delay change your expectations of the games being shown at the Xbox+Bethesda showcase? - Best Friends Q:Grezick

00:19:00 -"releasing a new game every quarter"? - Best Friends Q:BJ Bernardo


00:40:00 - Ad

00:42:04 - Dying Light 2 Delays First Story Expansion

00:46:08 - Alan Wake Update from Remedy

00:50:05 - 505 Games Showcase on May 17th!

00:51:30 - What’s Fall Guys BIG Announcement?

00:53:00 - Dirt team Codemasters Cheshire merged with Need for Speed studio Criterion, Tom Ivan @ VGC

00:55:25 - Out today

00:57:20 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts:Tam and Tim

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