Bioshock Is Back! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.09.19


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For 10% off and free shipping, go to and use promo code GAMES. Get 20% off and free shipping with the code GAMES at Just go to to save on gift sets and to get your first refill FREE with a refill plan. Tim and Greg talk about 2K's new Bioshock studio, all the streams happening this week, and more! Time Stamps - 00:01:45 - Housekeeping State of Play tomorrow at 6 am -- watch with us! Game Awards are Thursday. Watch-a-long with us! The Roper Report - 00:03:45 - More BioShock Incoming! 00:08:41 - Meanwhile, this isn’t the first crack at Bioshock 4 00:15:57 - “We're unlikely to see it for a few years, is this a good strategy?“ - Probably Oliver 00:20:29 - “Do you think we'll see the game return to its survival horror roots, or will we see something more akin to BioShock Infinite?” - Riot Goes Jingle! 00:25:08 - Inside the target specs of the next Xbox Project Scarlett 00:29:11 - Nintendo Indie World tomorrow! 00:32:27 - Minecraft PS4 gets cross-play tomorrow 00:34:10 - Bayonetta & Vanquish CONFIRMED 00:35:13 - Elder Scrolls Legends Development on Hold 00:36:51 - Out today 00:39:45 - Brooklinen 00:41:35 - Quip 00:42:40 - Manscaped Reader mail - 00:44:03 - “Are we as an advanced society going to ignore Greg beating his first Pokémon game?” - 2038 Pokemon CEO 00:51:25 - Squad Up: Drew Klick - Twitter/The Game Awards - @justklickit 00:52:40 - You‘re Wrong This Week’s Hosts: TUESDAY: Greg & Imran WEDNESDAY: Greg & Whitta THURSDAY: Imran & Tim FRIDAY: Imran & Snowbike Mike

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