Minecraft Earth vs. Pokemon Go - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.17.19


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Robinhood is giving listeners a free stock at http://games.robinhood.com Get 10% off your first order with promo code: GAMES at http://brooklinen.com Andrea and Greg talk about the brand new Minecraft Earth AR game and if it has a shot at Pokemon Go's crown. Time Stamps - 00:02:27 - Housekeeping The Roper Report - 00:03:21 - 1) All-new AR mobile game, “Minecraft Earth” - via Microsoft 00:13:55 - 2) Riot Isn’t Budging on Arbitration, Cecilia D’Ana-sta-sio @ Kotaku 00:21:23 - 3) E3 Floorplan Gossip, Brendan Sinclair GIB 00:35:12 - 4) Neo Geo Mini Announced 00:37:15 - Out today :: Best Friend Q. - - 00:39:45 - Ad Reader mail - 00:42:08 - CP - “Hi Greg and Andrea! Hope you had a good E3 judges week. Can we have a bit more on how the sausage gets made for e3 judges week? Do you have to book your own appointments? Do you get unlimited time with the games on display? How many people are there? You must be embargoed up the wazoo, does it not deflate the hype of the press conferences? Thanks for reading- Andrea looking forward to seeing you in London in a wee while, and Greg you suck #KFAFForStreamys” 00:46:59 - David Scott - “What’s Good Greg and Andrea? With the announcement that Microsoft and PlayStation are partnering for backend development. Do you guys think this is due to the threat of Stadia? Or do you think this is possibly a hint that PlayStation is trying to double down on their streaming service?” 00:53:00 - The Nano Biologist - “Happy Friday and Welcome back! I hope yall had fun during Judges week (please blink twice if you saw a new Fable game). Do the general gaming audience have a misconception when it comes to the Microsoft/Sony Azure server partnership? On twitter, facebook, and reddit people are calling this the end of Xbox/Sony, ones buying out the other, or we will soon see one console's games on the other (similar to when Xbox Live support was coming to the switch). But can this just be a simple partnership? People seem to forget that Xbox uses Sony's Blu Ray drives, AND that Microsoft making deals doesn't always mean Xbox is making those deals and same for PlayStation and Sony. What do you think will come out of this partnership? Will it just be a simple, pay us and we'll host your game streaming service?” 00:56:22 - Squad Up: Go to Reddit, play Division 00:58:40 - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s host: EARLY SHOW - MONDAY: Greg and Tim TUESDAY: Fran and Andrea WEDNESDAY: Andrea and Whitta THURSDAY: Fran and Andrea FRIDAY: Fran and Snowbike Mike

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