MLB The Show No Longer PlayStation Exclusive - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.10.19


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For 10% off and free shipping, go to and use promo code GAMES. Get 20% off and free shipping with the code GAMES at Just go to to save on gift sets and to get your first refill FREE with a refill plan. Imran and Greg talk about PlayStation publishing The Show on other consoles, PlayStation's State of Play, and Nintendo's Indie World! Time Stamps - 00:04:27 - Housekeeping To celebrate Destiny 2’s newly released Season of Dawn, tonight Games Daily’s very own Fran will be featured on the Twitch frontpage for the first time. He’ll be live slaying Cabal at 8PM Pacific Time. If you wanna support and show Twitch the power of the KF Best Friends, just head over to and set those live notifications of you want to be extra cool. Game Awards are Thursday. Watch-a-long with us! KINDADC: December 14 at 5PM! We’ll be going to Georgetown, seeing the cool Christmas lights, get some good food, and then go to Escape the Room to test how Best Friends do under pressure! The Roper Report - 00:06:23 - MLB The Show Isn’t Exclusive Anymore 00:12:57 - “This got me thinking though about the decline of exclusives.” - Billy The Door 00:23:40 - State of Play Report 00:29:56 - “That Ghost of Tsushima reveal was really weird.” - The Merry Nano Biologist 00:33:42 - “Another day another game has been announced to be released in the February-April timeline of next year.” - Frankfurtter 00:37:47 - Final Fantasy VII Exclusivity 00:38:50 - “Will FF 7 Remake be re-released on March 3 2021 and updated for PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett?” - BJ Bernardo 00:44:06 - What is Xbox Gonna Call Project Scarlett? 00:49:31 - Who’s Working on BioShock? 00:51:17 - Brooklinen 00:52:52 - Quip 00:53:55 - Manscaped 00:55:00 - Post Nintendo Indie World Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Whitta

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