Rage 2 Reviews So Far - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.13.19


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Robinhood is giving listeners a free stock at http://games.robinhood.com Get 10% off your first order with promo code: GAMES at http://brooklinen.com Nathan Brandt joins Fran to go over Rage 2 reviews and post-launch plans, Outer Wilds, and more. Time Stamps - 00:02:44 - Housekeeping The Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase is June 10th at 4:30 p.m. PT! Youtube.com/kindafunnygames The Roper Report - 00:03:50 - RAGE 2 Post-Release Roadmap Revealed by Bethesda 00:08:43 - Battlefield V Firestorm Duos Mode is Gone Due to Lack of Players 00:12:22 - Payday 2 Publisher Starbreeze May Not Last Another Year 00:17:23 - Dauntless PS4, Xbox One Release Date Announced 00:23:21 - Outer Wilds A Timed Epic Exclusive 00:30:55 - Rage 2 Reviews So Far 00:37:50 - “While I have been hyped about Rage, it seems to have been going under the radar for a lot of people…” - kuchoco 00:41:57 - Out today 00:44:07 - Ads Reader mail - 00:48:40 - “Why should I get Mario Maker 2?” - Dan Wilkinson 00:52:45 - “How do you choose the news stories you discuss on KFGD?” - The Nano Biologist 00:59:35 - Squad Up: Jeremy - Spotify - The Big Cheezcast 01:00:39 - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts: Fran & Tim

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