Sonic Movie Trailer Reaction - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.30.19


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Get Freshly dipped strawberries at with promo code: KFGAMES Get one dozen assorted roses for $19.99 at and use promo code: KFGAMES Tim and Barrett give their thoughts on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer, Metal Gear Solid tease, Mario 64, and more. Time Stamps - 00:03:18 - Housekeeping Kinda Funny Gamescast is taking over the Borderlands 3 Reveal! Pre- and Post-shows hosted by Fran, Andrea, and Greg! 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. WE HAVE AN ELECTION TO RIG! Andre Lima Aroo puts KF references in all of his Marvel comics. Now, the guy who drew the Shirtless Spider-Man PS4 cover has the chance to work with the director of Moon! Go to and vote for him! Vancouver Meet and Greet is SATURDAY! - May 4th - Thank you to our Patreon Producers:Tom Bock, Black Jack, James Davis, and Mohammed Mohammed. The Roper Report - 00:04:23 - Sonic the Hedgehog trailer 00:17:10 - Donna Burke MGS Tease 00:22:10 - Randy Pitchford Wants Borderlands on Switch 00:23:48 - What Does Mario Say in Mario 64 00:26:18 - Out today 00:29:47 - Sherries Berries 00:31:18 - ProFlowers Reader mail - 00:33:05 - What’s you gaming history, Barrett - The Nano Biologist 00:35:50 - What quality of life issue would you change about your favorite games, given the chance? - TwoHeadedGiant 00:38:45 - NetherRealm Studios is allegedly dropping a patch early this week for Mortal Kombat 11, to nerf the modifiers and overall difficulty in the Towers of Time mode, as well as offering a stimulus package of currency for everyone to make up for the rough start. Have you guys sampled the towers yourself? - Beardus Maximus 00:44:10 - Hypothetical: If Days Gone was released as an Xbox exclusive, would the fan reaction be the same? I've seen some mention that Days Gone is a good game but is viewed as inferior due to God of War, Last of Us, Bloodborne being so good. Do you think that would be the reaction if it was being compared to Crackdown 3 or Halo 5? Or would it just be seen as Microsoft botching an exclusive title? - Wyatt 00:46:24 - Squad Up: Elijah Miller - EVM9000 (Joey needs Pocket Camp friends, specifically people that have Lychee and Grape as their native fruit. Friends Code: 37467128047) 00:48:30 - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s host: Tim and Whitta

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