This Too Shall Last: Finding Grace when Suffering Lingers | KJ Ramsey | Ep. 113


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Join KJ and I as we talk about finding God's grace when suffering lingers.

Over a decade ago chronic illness plunged therapist and writer K.J. Ramsey straight into this paradox. Before her illness, faith made sense. But when pain came and never left, K.J. had to find a way across the widening canyon that seemed to separate God's goodness from her excruciating circumstances.

She wanted to conquer suffering. Instead, she encountered the God who chose it. She wanted to make pain past-tense. Instead, God invited her into a bigger story.

The timeliness of this conversation in light of the worldwide suffering associated with COVID-19 is unmistakable. I'm praying it meets you as it did me - right in the middle.

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