Episode 163 - Dying to Save America - Mitchell Fronchen Interview pt 1


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Episode 163 Mitchell Fronchen Interview

Mitchell Fronchen is a law professor who has taught for over 25 years. He is a former assistant district attorney in a major American city.

Today I will be interviewing Mitchell about his new book “Dying to save America.” This is a novel a that shows a “dystopia” of the failure of Congress to fix Obamacare.

For those that probably just asked “What is dystopia?” – it means a “very bad place…or a place where EVERYTHING is very bad.” And that definitely sounds like Washington, DC and Congress right now…amen.

Mitchell…I want to welcome you to the program today.

Now, if any American cares to pay attention right now…with the case out of Great Britain involving that little baby, Charlie Gard. You hear the cries of many Americans about “Let the baby come to America for treatment…” A lot of them are die hard liberals as well…

But what is missing in the discussion of Charlie Gard’s case – is the single payer health care system that is or was being pushed under the Obama Administration…with the first step in that direction in the passage of Obama care.

Anyway….back to the book: Dying to Save America

In this book, set in the year 2043, you have Congressman being assassinated. Why?

And the main player is a man dying of cancer…because he can’t get treatment, correct?

So he publishes his intent and it’s picked up by the press becoming nationwide news, right? Does that have a familiar twang to it with recent events?

Now, disclaimer here…Mitchell and I are not, do not and do not intend to support any acts of violence against society or Congress or any member of government…amen. I just wanted to make that clear. This is a FICTIONAL Story!

Do you ever see the day when you will be able to attach your real name to the book?

What does that have to say, in your opinion, about the political climate in which we live…that you can not even express your own, personal, opinions in public anymore?

How can someone get a hold of you if they want to ask you questions, do an interview, etc.?

And the book is available on Amazon, correct? We will put a link in our show notes to it as well.

Mitchell, I want to thank you for time today in coming on the program…I look forward to possibly doing a follow up interview in six months or so and see how things are working out with the book.

Folks, I encourage you to get this book…go to Amazon.com and order it now…it will make a fascinating read…it’s not that long of a book…but the story is relevant to the political climate of today…

Dying to Save America:


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