Episode 180 - Future Schism - Jeff Horton pt 1

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Episode 180 Show Notes for Jeff Horton Interview pt 1

Hello everyone everywhere, this is pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to another dual broadcast of the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast and Everything Church Related.

I have on the line, Jeff Horton… for another amazing interview. Last time – well, let me just tell you a little bit about Jeff’s background before I jump off into today’s subject matter…

After twenty five years in the Information Technology field, Jeff Horton decided enough was enough – and left it all behind to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Not just any writer…but an author of several family friendly books…and TWO screen plays…he has, in all, besides the two screen plays…EIGHT published novels in several different genre – including apocalyptic fiction, science fiction, religious fantasy and some romance thrillers as well.

Now, let me describe this scenario for you…the year is 2076, the year of The Great Schism, the year the struggle between liberals and conservatives, the culture war, split America in two. It’s also the year the Second American Civil War began. By the time it’s over, the United States of America is no more, having been divided into two provinces.

Nearly a century later the Corporate Synod forces citizens in the Red Zone to accept mandatory genetic modifications. Some “mods” greatly enhance intelligence but strip people of their humanity. Other mods increase physical strength and stamina that make workers in the factories more productive, but significantly decreases their lifespans.

Meanwhile, The New Zion Church imprisons or executes anyone caught worshipping the God of the Christian or Jew, or anywhere other than the New Zion Church.

In the Blue Zone, however, life is good; if you’re one of the very few who are members of the elite Gentry Class. For the vast majority who are not, however, food is increasingly scarce, disease and starvation are rampant, and government slavery is spreading rapidly.

Daniel Washington leads the People of the Founders, the Red Zone resistance movement. At first, he works only to topple the corrupt Red Council and restore freedom in the Red Zone. After he meets Kayla Ross, however, leader of the Militiamen Freedom Fighters, the resistance movement against the Gentry in the Blue Zone, they join forces, and together they discover they can do far more together than falling in love, they can start a revolution.

Glory to God! Jeff that sounds like the trailer to a movie man! This sounds like a great book!

Oh…lest I forget…help me to welcome BACK to the program, our good friend, Jeff Horton! Jeff, thank you for coming back on with the release of your new book! It sounds great!

Ok… I know we covered some of this in our last interview, but for those that missed it, we can catch them up a little bit. I just read that brief bio at the beginning…but can you tell us, WHO IS JEFF HORTON?

I’ve seen some reports that say people are not reading as much today as they used to…why become a writer now, especially at a time in history when so many have stopped reading?

Now, why did you decide to become a novelist?

Now the title of your latest novel is “Future Schism.” And that intro I just read has me hooked already, man! When is it going to be released?

What is Future Schism about?

What other novels would you compare it to? Some that most people would be familiar with?

If someone wanted to get ahold of you, to ask a question or maybe to do an interview like this, how can they do that?

Future Schism:




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