Episode 219 - Xodus Adventures - Kalvin Evans pt 2

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Episode 219 Show Notes for Kalvin Evans Interview Hello Everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to another DUAL BROADCAST of the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast and the Everything Church Related podcast. Now, by now you know, if we are doing a dual broadcast, then you know we have something special lined up for you today. Are you into fitness? Are you into wellness and healthy eating? Are you into rock climbing? Are you into kayaking or hiking? Are you into survival training and preparedness? How about a lifestyle that incorporates all three? I have the distinct pleasure of having on the line the owner of Xodus Ventures located in the North Fork Valley in Colorado, Kalvin Evans. I met Kalvin a few weeks ago at a TEDx Wilmington event in Wilmington, Delaware. I was so impressed by his talk, I reached out and he agreed to join us today on the podcast. Let me tell you a little bit about Kalvin and you will see why I reached out… Kalvin is the owner of Xodus Ventures, LLC. He has a passion for fitness, wellness, adventure, and changing people’s lives! Since 1998, he has been involved in fitness from leading Boot Camp workouts, Reebok Cycling Instruction and Personal Training, to Kettle Bell Training. He has also coordinated adventure trips for kids and adults since the year 2000, ranging from rock-climbing and kayaking to hiking and mountain biking! After spending nearly 3 years at North Bay, an outdoor environmental adventure camp near Baltimore Maryland, Kalvin Evans and family relocated to Colorado to launch their fitness/adventure/survival consulting business - helping clients to get healthy, in shape, and living life as an adventure. His goal is to create a new wave in fitness, survival, and adventure training using non-traditional forms of training. In 2011, he was selected to compete on the reality television program, “One Man Army: Fear Is Not An Option”which aired on the Discovery Channel – and I was a viewer of that program as well! Currently, he is training and running an exercise Bootcamp in Paonia, Colorado before launching a national campaign. He wants to offer retreats for individuals who are serious about reaching their health/fitness goals, offer adventure trips, and work with young people in helping them reach their potential. Your Faith has a lot to do with your business, correct? Tell us about how you incorporate your Faith into your business activities and outreaches? Now, it is not everyday I get interview a bonfide TV celebrity, so to speak, tell us about the process you went through to get your shot on the Discovery Channel program. I remember seeing you…and I apologize for not remembering…but what happened? How did you finish? If I remember correctly, there were some amazing obstacle courses they had assembled, correct? Lets shift gears a bit and talk about your business, Xodus Adventures. Nice name! What inspired you to choose that name? Tell us about your family life? Has that shaped what your business is doing in the community? Tell us about the community outreaches you are involved with? Tell us how our listeners can help you achieve success in this area? Kalvin, if someone wanted to reach out to you – maybe ask some question or to do an interview such as this – or to join you on one of your adventurous training programs – how can they do that? How can they get ahold of you? I will put all of this in the show notes as well. RESOURCES: Website: www.xodusadventures.com Email: xodusadventures@gmail.com

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