Episode 222 - Lucid Publishing - Casey Cease pt 2

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Episode 222 Show Notes for Casey Cease Interview Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to another DUAL BROADCAST of the Everything Church Related Podcast AND the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast. Now, you know that if we are doing a dual broadcast – that means we have something special lined up for you today… Let me start by asking you a question. Have you ever thought about writing your own book? If you are a pastor or minister, it could help open doors for you to be able to express your professionalism in a way just talking about sometimes does not happen. It gives you an opportunity to sow into the life of someone you may never meet. Books in ministry allows you to expound upon issues that you can only give bullet points on during a sermon in front of an audience. As a business leader, it allows you to establish your brand. It allows you to express that auroa of professionalism in the eyes of your client. BUT BROTHER BOB – book publishing is too expensive….book publishing is something only professionally trained authors can do; I need a literary agent to do or “I don’t have the time to do.” Well – today, my guest, Casey Cease, CEO and founder of Lucid Books – is going to debunk those myths. Casey, himself, is an author, in the ministry and has a passion for Jesus and a passion for souls and a passion to help authors get their messages out using books. Casey has a tragic story to tell, and I will let him tell it – but suffice it to say, that this tragedy led him to Jesus – and he has never looked back. In addition to being the CEO of Lucid Books, he is the pastor of “Christ Community Church of Magnolia, located in The Woodlands, in Magnolia, Texas. He is the husband of Steph and the father of Braelyn and Abby – and he is on the line with us right now… What was the ramification of what happened? Now, you mention that your mother gave you a Bible and that you were listening to a sermon from John 5 – do you remember who the preacher was? What about that sermon and that Bible passage impacted you? You began your speaking ministry as a result of that accident – how did you get started? And that grew from just local speaking to nationally as well, correct? When did you start your family? When did you start your actual ministry? And you began planting churches in addition to speaking? Tell me how you became involved in book publishing? Traditional publishers tend not to take on “un-proven authors” because of the expense involved. They do not want to front all of these expenses unless they know there will be the possibility of a return on the back end. How does Lucid Books work around that aspect of the business model? You have put together a team that helps to ensure the success of your business model – tell us about your team… Your target market, your “avatar” (as the popular phrase is today) – is it Christian’s only? Ministers and preachers only or anyone? Walk us through the process of someone who would contact your team about publishing a book with your company… From start to finish…from “first contact” to “published book” – I know it varies from author to author – but what is the typical time frame? When someone signs on with Lucid Books, is it for a set amount of books up front or is it “print on demand” – how does that work? I know each person will be different, based upon their own individual needs and existing expertise – but I think it is a question everyone has on their mind at this point – and that is the budget a novice author should be looking at to hire your team to publish a book with your company…can you give us an estimate of what a novice author would be looking at? And depending on what services are needed, that amount could go up or down a bit? Do you handle any of the post production aspect – the marketing angle with book stores, book signings and things like that? If a person already has a book published, and I’ll just say it (only because everyone is familiar with it) using Amazon…and most likely not doing well – is it possible to use your company to bring some life into their book and republish it? Casey, this is amazing! YOU are amazing! You have put together two, formerly distinct business models – Full Time Christian ministry and pastoral activities and Christian publishing services…truly amazing! You are doing wonderful things for the Body of Christ and you truly are “Getting The Word Out!” (That just happens to be our ministry Mission Statement). Casey, if someone wanted to get in touch with you – I’ll get to the book publishing aspect with Lucid Books in a moment – but if someone wanted to get in touch with you, perhaps to have you come and speak at their church – maybe a church planting event! How can they best get in contact with you? If they wanted information on possibly publishing their next book with you – how can they do that? Now, you are offering a FREE publishing guide on your website as well, correct? I will put all of your contact information in the show notes as well… Folks, if you are looking at getting your own book published – and you want it professionally done by other Christians who: 1. Know what they are doing and, 2. Know how to do it – I would encourage you to contact Lucid Books. Their contact link will be in the show notes, or if you are just listening to us and don’t have a paper or pen handy, their website is www.lucidbooks.com Casey, any closing thoughts or comments? That’s all the time we have for today…remember, go check out lucidbooks.com and look around their website, reach out to them and ask some questions…that’s what they are all about… Until next time, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and for myself and Casey Cease – I want you to remember, you are BLESSED in all that you do! Casey Cease Website: www.caseycease.com Lucid Books Website: http://www.lucidbookspublishing.com/ Church Website: c3.church

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