KDE 251: Embracing the Daily Adventure with Jesus in Business (Conversation with Lisa Van Den Berg)


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Today's guest is Lisa van den Berg, online pastor at Heaven in Business and Founder of Adventures with Jesus Today. Lisa admits that she used to think that Christians were weak because they relied on God instead of themselves. She thought as a Christian she couldn't pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, but at age 30 she had an encounter with God where He affirmed that she could pursue excellence in business and still be in relationship with Him. She thought Jesus was now a new tool in her belt ("the ultimate success tool" she says), and pursued business ambitiously with that mindset until she realized that there was an invitation to more. Lisa shares the fun story of how she grew in relationship with Him and shifted from grinding (relying on her own strength) to working in partnership with Him and by the leading of Holy Spirit. Now she enjoys daily adventures with Jesus in business and is inspiring others to do the same.

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