Ep26 - The Bank Teller Of Our Dreams: Vicki Chase


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Vicki Chase isn't your typical adult star by any meaning of the word. She's one of the prettiest porn stars around to have won awards from AVN, XBiz, and Vixen. The reason for her porn career success could be her long legs, her toned physique, or her gorgeous features…or a mix of all of the above! Looks aside, Vicki Chase has a killer sense of humor, and also makes some of the best blowjob videos we've ever seen. If you love adult stars with personality, you will fall in love Vicki Chase.

BIOGRAPHY: Vicki Chase, was born in Los Angeles, California. Vicki is a stunning "100% Mexican" Latina with a gorgeous face, incredible ass and a huge sexual appetite. She is one of the best known and respected stars in the industry, having worked for many years with the best studios and A-list talent.Before she got into the industry, Vicki worked as a bank teller at a well-known bank, but found the work uninspiring and boring. While working at the bank, Vicki met a guy who was in the industry who would often come in and talk about porn. While initially she would "blow him off", one day Vicki agreed to go on a date with him. While she was on the date, Vicki had passionate sex with the guy in the alley behind the restaurant and it was at this moment that her "inner pornstar" was born. After that, the guy took her onto several porn sets so Vicki could see how the industry worked and what it was all about.

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