#306 - Chris & Elisha - M/s Title Holders


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Chris and Elisha have celebrated more than a decade together as a polyamorous couple in a power exchange dynamic. They live in a 24/7, negotiated authority transfer dynamic and are the Arizona Master/slave 2018 titleholders. They believe continued growth is important to a successful long-term relationship and to that end are continually pushing their own, and each other’s, boundaries. They are both graduate students looking at various sex positive topics. Chris is looking at perceptions of hierarchy and power exchange in long term polyamorous relationships. He is recently divorced from a 23 year marriage and has two teenage boys. Elisha is looking at the intersection of the perceived benefits of yoga and BDSM participation, for example reduced anxiety and depression, connection to the self, and improved body image. She has been married 19 years. Her husband spent the last few years in Florida by the beach, but recently moved back to be closer. She’ll miss the easy vacation spot, but is happy to have him home. To extend their educational and academic outreach online they created TrulyBeloved.com where they offer adult coloring books, created by local artists, to help fund their conference presentation travel.


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