Donald Reents and the Colorful Journey of Chessex - Ep 311


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In this episode, I’m talking to the founder of Chessex, Donald Reents. Chessex makes a variety of high quality dice in different shapes, color combinations, and designs. Donald has been in the gaming industry for decades as an avid chess and backgammon player. Donald cares about the quality of his products and one day decided that he needed to take matters into his own hands and make his own beautiful dice. When he found the right factory in Germany, Donald’s creativity took off with a myriad of designs and color combinations. For over 25 years, Donald and Chessex has brought fun and quality to the gaming community. I caught up with Donald during the summer of 2017. You can check out Chessex’s catalog at, that’s You can find Chessex dice at almost every local game store that sells table top games and Magic: The Gathering products. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Donald Reents, the founder of Chessex. Music Credits (in order of appearance) Our theme song is Play the Game by Antracto (Yes I bought the rights, if you're curious) Card Kingdom ad music: Take Me Higher by Jahzzar Paragon City Games ad music: Clouds by Joakim Karud Preview clip music: Gold Standard by Minden I’ve got a new YouTube Channel called Play MTG Woo! And if you like the Kitchen Table Magic podcast by Sam Tang, you’re gonna love the new YouTube channel Play MTG by Sam Tang! It’s an upbeat, fast paced new YouTube Channel featuring deck techs from Pros, learn to play tutorials, expert difficulty level up advice, single card discussion, MTG community news, and more. I’ve only got 1 video uploaded right now about my vlog from Hascon. So if you wanna see what I look like, go check me out on Twitter and Facebook. It’s at on Follow the new show on It’s on I’ll have a link in the show notes at I’m looking forward to creating content in video! Kitchen Table Magic is sponsored by: Kitchen Table Magic is brought to you by Card! The newest Un-set is available for preorder now! Unstable is looking fantastic with crazy contraptions, inside jokes, strange math, and squirrels, lots of squirrels. And most importantly, there’s John Avon full art borderless basic lands in Unstable! You can preorder them now and support the show using our affiliate link: Paragon City Games! Kitchen Table Magic is brought you by Paragon City Games. They’re a community focused game store in Draper Utah that cares deeply about their player base. They invite you to join their in store stream at for weekly Legacy and Modern events. Hipsters of the Coast: Hey everyone! Great news! Kitchen Table Magic is now on Hipsters of the Coast. They’re the mages with the curly beards and the vegan potion options! Hipsters of the Coast is the premier news and strategy blog for the Magic: The Gathering Community. And Kitchen Table Magic is honored to be joining their lineup. If you’re listening to me right now from Hipsters of the Coast, I’m pleased to meet you. You’re going to love all the guests I have lined up for Season 3. And be sure to check out past episodes at If you’re new to the HotC blog, head on over to to get strategy and content for all your favorite formats.

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