The Art of Authenticity and How It Impacts Your Purpose - Laura Coe


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The question to ask is if you feel uplifted: do you feel excited, do you feel motivated, do you feel in your heart that this is what you want? If that is true, then it is a full yes. Keep going.”

– Laura Coe

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

My guest Laura, and her incredible life transformation. When her apparently perfect life started to cause her panic attacks, she abandoned her successful entrepreneurial career in healthcare to take better care of herself. Jumping off the hamster wheel, she went back to her first love as an undergraduate student, philosophy, and today she is here to tell us all about hushing the whirlwind of negative thoughts and looking for our authentic voice.

Laura Coe is a life coach, a mum, and a yogi, helping people find their true self to achieve success and fulfilment in everyday life using practical techniques rooted in philosophical wisdom. She is the host of the podcast The Art of Authenticity, and author of the book Emotional Obesity. A Philosophical Guide to Lighten Your Life.

Guest: Laura Coe

Hosted By: Kitty Waters

This fantastic podcast will give you an insight and direction into simplicity as the shortcut to authenticity, culture-induced self-doubt, and training your brain to scan the world for positivity.

Episode Topics

  • Corporate lifestyle
  • Stop struggling and pushing, surrender
  • Mastering your thoughts
  • Create space, find your balance
  • Micro-truths

You will leave this episode with the knowledge, passion, and purpose to become curious about your everyday choices, trust your full-body yes, and start living in your truth.

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