073: Augment Your Business with Your Own App with Jeremy Redman


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“If you can describe what you're doing, it can be done. “ -Jeremy Redman

In this episode, Jay interviews Jeremy Redman, app builder and founder of Your VOne. His mission is to make app creation available to everyone who wants one. Jay and Jeremy discuss all things app related, such as: why would a small business want an app, what stage of business does it make sense to create an app, insights around design and core functionality, iterating and getting market validation before you spend money, the app as an extension of your brand, and so much more....

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Episode Highlights:

03:00 A Tech Entrepreneur From Sunset Boulevard

09:16 It’s About Market Opinion

12:22 Should You Have a Business App?

18:52 Boosting Branding and the Anti-Apps

29:50 Augment Your Business with Apps

37:45 Build the App of Your Dreams

40:52 Really Affordable Apps

44:30 What About Post Apps

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