075: Focus on What You Have and Grow Revenue Right Now with Miguel Galvez


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“We have to be really disciplined of how we split our time and our employees time.” -Miguel Galvez

In this episode, Jay talks with Miguel Galvez, co-founder of NDB Nanotechnology, an applied materials company based in Boston. Still under 30, Miguel’s company is growing at a rapid rate. Jay and Miguel discuss topics such as: the advantage of starting a business in your 20's, separating passion from business strategies, is a co-founder the right strategy for you, attributes that investors look for when funding, and the benefit of running a company when you have no clue what you're doing!

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Episode Highlights:

03:50 The Co-Founder

12:54 Product Market Fit

22:22 The Missing Link

28:50 How to Interact with Investors

37:22 Watching the Regulatory Mark and Business

42:00 Grow Revenue Right Now!

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