QBasic and GM48 Entries – Knoxville Game Design, February 2019


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This month’s topic is game development history featuring QBasic. We discuss how we got started with game development and the first tools and languages that we used. Levi D. Smith shows how to setup QBasic using DOSBox and a brief overview of the language. We also show the Knoxville GameMaker games created for GM48 last month.

Knoxville Game Design is a discussion of games currently being created by game developers in the Knoxville and East Tennessee area, as well as an analysis of current topics in the gaming industry.


Joe Miller http://doublesquarellc.com/ @DoubleSquareJoe https://doublesquare.itch.io/
Ruth Ann Manning http://meemawsurrendered.com https://tranzeve.itch.io/
Levi D. Smith https://levidsmith.com @GaTechGrad https://gatechgrad.itch.io
Jacob https://gamejolt.com/@Big_Ol_Tom

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