Swan Song


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Despite best efforts, Kol Cambridge is going to take a break until it finds a new home. We could be sad - but what’s the point?

We want to leave on a high, and leave you with a great mix of Israeli music in a specially extended show. Turn up the volume, enjoy, and follow us on Facebook to find out when and how we’ll be back!


Mesiba Gedola - The Revivo Project

Bachur Ragish - Dudu Aharon

Yoter Midai Shanim - Regev Hod

Tagidu La - Dudu Aharon

Eshmor Alayich - Moshe Peretz

Lo Yafridu Beinenu - Dudu Aharon

Mahapecha - Omer Adam & Lior Narkis

Kmo Melech - Moshe Peretz

Shikorim MiAhava - Eden Ben Zaken

Silsulim - Static & Ben-el Tavori

Maman - Itai Levi & Stephane Legar

Tudu Bom - Static & Ben-el Tavori

V’David Yefe Einayim - A-WA

Tel Aviv - Cohen@Mushon

Gever Ohev - HaUltras ft Idan Gabai

Erev Tov Lach - Lior Narkis

Neshika Achat Mimech - Eyal Golan

Baniti Alayich - Omer Adam

Ein Kamoch - Moshe Peretz

At Achla Chamuda - Beni Bashan ft Boom Pam

BMW Shchura - Ethnix

Tziltzulei Paamonim - Daklon

Na’ari Shuva Elai - Margol

Tzeva L’Chaim - Subliminal

Ten LaMusica LeDaber - Subliminal

Pouch - Noa Kirel

Yihiye Beseder - Kafe Shachor Chazak

Derech HaShalom - Peer Tasi

Tazizu - Eden Ben Zaken

Sara Shara - Sarit Hadad

Hatikva - Tipex & Sarit Hadad

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