KAHP Interview: Prof. David Tizzard (No Suneung in the Mosh Pit)


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KoreanAmericanHeritage.com presents an interview with Prof. David Tizzard. David Tizzard is a professor at Seoul Woman's University, a columnist at the Korea Times. He has a master's degree in Asian Studies and is currently completing research on his Ph.D in Korean Studies. He has lived and worked in Korea for more than 10 years.

Listen in as we go over a variety of subjects. From David's background, his academic teaching methods, early Korean history, seeking Korean logic if any, and hope for the future students critical skills. You can Find David's columns on the Korea Times here. You can find him on Twitter and Youtube as well. Check out his band Tampas Dusk.

Thank you again David for an awesome interview! Punk on!

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