A Harte Appetite: Cakes


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Rose Levy Beranbaum, in her book, “The Pie and Pastry Bible,” a volume which I’ve read religiously, says, “There are two kinds of people: cake people and pie people.” All my life I’ve believed I’m in the second category. I even served once as a judge at the National Pie Championships sponsored by the American Pie Council, of which I was a charter member. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I’ve always regarded cake as little more than a delivery system for frosting. Recently, however, I came across Anne Byrn’s latest book, about cake, and while I’m still firmly in the pie person category, I’ve begun to question my life-long prejudice against cake. The book is “American Cake” and it’s a beautiful compendium not just of recipes, but of cake lore. Browse through it and you’ll start to appreciate why cakes are an icon of American culture and, more than any other dessert, synonymous with celebrations. Byrn begins her cake walk by examining how much has changed since the first American cakes

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