All About Cape: Get Ready for the Parade of Lights


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First off, I would like to wish you and your Family a Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re like me, you are looking forward to a meal of roasted turkey, creamy gravy, flavorful stuffing and pumpkin pie. Of course, we wouldn’t have Thanksgiving if it wasn’t for Sarah Josepha Hale. Famous for her nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” she is one of the people responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday. Hale spent 17 years advocating for a nationwide holiday through letters and articles before President Lincoln established Thanksgiving in 1863 – a day to celebrate unity after a trying Civil War. Today, Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to reminisce with family, watch football and reflect on what the year has blessed us with as we prepare for Santa’s season to kick off! Be sure to head downtown on Sunday, December 1 around 5 p.m. to catch the annual Parade of Lights. This festive parade begins at the intersection of Broadway and West End Boulevard and finishes in the Art Van

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