Almost Yesterday: Ulysses Grant Becomes a Brigadier General


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It seems like Almost Yesterday that the city of Ironton, Missouri installed a series of historical markers to identify Civil War sites in the community. Of all the important historic sites in the Arcadia Valley, one that has great significance is where Ulysses S. Grant, on August 8, 1861, received notice of his promotion to the rank of brigadier general. Colonel Grant had been ordered to Pilot Knob and Ironton to control the terminus of the Iron Mountain Railroad used to transport essential iron ore to smelters in St. Louis, seventy miles to the north. When the thirty-nine year old brigadier assumed his command, he found that he was in charge of three thousand untrained and disorganized troops. His first challenge was to impose military discipline – and he moved quickly. Many officers had limited command of their troops. Many men still wore the clothes they had on when they enlisted in May and June. By August they were an ill-equipped and ragged force. Grant sent hundreds of them home,

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