Almost Yesterday: Henry Moore and His House


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It seems like Almost Yesterday when Professor A. C. Magill stated on February 19, 1955, that colleges are not buildings, classrooms, nor even libraries. Colleges, in his view, consisted of people: teachers, students and staff. And, he stated, one of the greatest teachers to ever serve Southeast Missouri State University was Henry Stephen Moore, a member of the faculty from 1904 to 1955, approximately 52 years. At Professor Moore’s retirement, President Parker commended him as a master teacher. Dr. Magill asserted that no Southeast professor had influenced the thinking of the leaders of the region as had Henry Moore. Moore was born on October 8, 1872 in Oran , Missouri. He attended Southeast from 1891 to 1895, and went on to study at the University of Missouri and the University of Leipzig, returning to Southeast as a professor in 1904. On July 1, 1905 Moore purchased land from R. B. Oliver on North Street and built a family home at 828 North Street, where the family lived until 1959

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