Almost Yesterday: The Great Greenville Flood


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It seems like Almost Yesterday when the community of Greenville, Missouri experienced a disastrous flood. The event was the most extensive flood in the history of the small town on the St. Francis River, and caused such destruction that it permanently altered the region. The flood was precipitated by a persistent rain that fell for nearly one week, followed by a heavy downpour on the night of August 19. By Friday morning, August 20, the St. Francis was rising at the rate of twelve inches per hour. By six p. m. the river inundated the town. Residents of the community moved most of the livestock to safety, raised furniture, and took refuge on the second floors of the school, business buildings and the homes of friends who lived on high ground. But, the high level of the water that spread across the town was not anticipated, reaching a depth of five feet in homes and streets, with significant damage to homes and businesses. Heavy rains in the middle of August were rare and this one

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