Almost Yesterday: The Hobby Horse is Invented in Sikeston


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It seems like Almost Yesterday that the mechanical hobby horse came into existence. U. S. patent number 1,863,012 was filed on February 21, 1931 by J. Otto Hahs of Sikeston , Missouri. The mechanical horse was designed to serve as entertainment for children. The attractively designed pony was operated by electricity and set in motion with the insertion of a coin in a slot on the horse’s neck. There were four drive wheels in the base on which the horse stood, each providing a different speed for the rider. Thus, the horse could walk, lope, trot, or buck, with the rider regulating the gait with the bridle reins. The hobby horse, as named by its inventor, was photographed and explained in the February 1932 issue of the magazine, Popular Mechanics. Within days of the magazine’s publication there were inquiries from potential buyers across the nation. By the end of 1932 the Hahs hobby horse was named the most original invention of 1932 by the National Association of Amusement Parks. By the

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