Almost Yesterday: The SEMO Safari


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It seems like almost yesterday that Denver Wright sought to bring a bit of Africa to the veldt of Southeast Missouri. The owner of a specialty company in St. Louis and a member of the Brentwood Board of Education, Wright inherited two lions from a small circus that simply ran out of money. Challenged by the expense and difficulty of maintaining two grown lions, unable to give them away, Wright came upon the idea of releasing them and then hunting them in a real live safari. As Missouri had no big game, even very few deer at the time, Wright believed it would be fun and exciting and would promote the region as an excellent hunting area. His initial plan was to select a heavily wooded area in Mississippi County. He would release the lions in the late afternoon and begin the hunt early the next morning. But when news of the hunt was publicized there was strong opposition. The Charleston Enterprise Courier called the plan, "foolish, intolerable." The sheriff of Mississippi County announced

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