Behind The Doors Of The House Of Xtravaganza


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The House of Xtravaganza is a publicly recognized house whose members are known for their cultural influence in community activism, nightlife, arts, dance, and so much more. In this tell all episode, hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview the beautiful and extravagant Gisele Alicea Xtravaganza, the Mother of the House of Xtravaganza. Gisele is also a high fashion model, actress, painter, singer, event producer, and transgender activist. Today, she shares some insights into the world she lives in including the guidelines on who and how they take people into their house. From taking in LGBTQ kids ostracized from their birth families to also being a highly competitive and successful house in the Ballroom/Runway scene, Gisele talks about the different competitive categories, characters in the house, and big personalities, and the drama going on behind their doors. Listen to Gisele and immerse yourself into her colorful world.

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