"The next level of who you are"


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"The next level of who you are" : Tune in to the talk show LA40 as host Katerina Cozias sits down with international spiritual teacher, speaker, and channeler for community & global leaders, Vanessa Petronelli. As an entrepreneur and business owner for over two decades, Vanessa has helped transform and inspire thousands of lives around the world from the inside out, powerfully helping people to become more impeccably aligned to themselves, their missions and their sacred leadership. Are you craving deeper awareness, enhanced intuitive abilities and greater fulfillment? All while staying aligned and in integrity with your divine plan and mission? Then don't miss joining in LIVE - 11am PT / 2pm ET here and/or on LATalkRadio.com. See you then. For more Vanessa, visit: VanessaPetronelli.com For more Katerina, visit: Katerina360.com

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