LTL Patio Season: Summer Dealings, Drafting and Free Agency


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Thanks for joining us on our off-season patio! There's a lot of positive things happening in our home province of Ontario, which gives rise to the hope that the 2021-22 NHL season will be looking a little closer to normal, and that we might actually have the opportunity to see some Leaf hockey live!
We are on the precipice of a very busy summer for the Maple Leaf's brass though, and it feels like there's still a mountain of paperwork to get through before we can all truly kick back and relax. With that in mind, we have tackled it all in this episode, so you don't have to! From Expansion to NHL Draft, Free Agency and more, we've got you covered!
Yes, patio season does lend itself to relaxing and daydreaming, so go for it Leaf fans, dream of a brand new season full of hope and promise. We promise to keep refreshing your drinks, and delivering all the best Leaf content, so rest assured you'll enter the 2021-22 NHL season cool, rejuvenated, and ready to cheer on our Buds once more. Cheers!

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