Talkin' Playoffs - Series Ups and Downs, Depth Coming Up Big and NHL '22 Playoff Views!


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It’s a big week for the Leafs with their series vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning becoming a best 2 out of 3! So far the series has been up and down and special teams have played a big role.
In this playoff episode we are introducing a new segment to go along with the ups and downs of the playoffs. We are calling it “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down”! We're reviewing our keys to the series and giving each of them a thumbs up or thumbs down. To this point, let’s just say the Leafs have some work to do!
One area that the Leafs do have going for them, is the play of our bottom-6 forwards. Depth scoring plays a big role in the playoffs and there have been a few highlight reel moments that have made a difference for the Leafs in this series. Tune in to find out who impressed us and made the LTL Playoff Highlight Reel!
Also in this episode, we check out a couple of the other series that are going on and give some thoughts on who’s making a difference for their team! We even give some praise to a player that we aren’t a fan of at all! We think he's pretty hard to love, unless he plays for your team. Listen to the show to find out who that player is!
It all comes down to this week! We will either be celebrating the first playoff series victory for the Leafs in 17 years, or the drought of not winning a playoff series will continue. Either way we are sticking with our team and we know all of LeafsNation is with us in their BeLeaf! Go Leafs Go!

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