Talkin' Playoffs: Who Showed, Who Didn't, and the Ladies Stand up for Leafs Nation!


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It’s not the ending that we or any Leaf fan wanted or expected, but once again the Leafs lost in the first round of the playoffs in a Game 7. Yes, the core group of players lead the team in points. Yes the refereeing was horrible! And yes, they gave it their all, but ultimately it ended with the same, all too familiar result.
Chris and Syl grade the team on their keys to the series in the segment, “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down”, and in an extended “Third Period” segment we ask the question, where did it go wrong for the Leafs in this series? So many ways you can go with this question! Specific points in the series, special teams, depth players and the Ladies cover all the angles!
LeafsNation is a passionate and knowledgeable fan base and we received many
comments on our social media accounts about this series and how it ended. From the team’s play on the ice to the playoff format, while we couldn't get to them all, we enjoyed giving our opinions on what our followers had to say and we thank everyone who submitted comments for taking the time to do so!
Once again it’s a first round exit for the Leafs and we feel all the pain and frustration that LeafsNation is feeling right now. If we didn't feel bad enough though, according to at least one noted analyst, we fans share some responsibility for this loss! Having experienced the full might of LeafsNation first hand, we know that nothing can be further from the truth, and we are using our platform and this episode to stand up for LeafsNation, because we are the best and most loyal fan base in the NHL! Tune in to the show for our perspectives as diehard Leaf fans who, like you, care about this team and win or lose will always support them! Go Leafs Go!

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