Talkin' the 2 Ilyas, Milestone Moments and Playoff Expectations


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A couple weeks left in the NHL season and the Leafs are in 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, which would give them home ice for the first round of the playoffs! There have been so many regular season milestone moments for the players and the team, but the focus remains on what can be achieved in the post season.
In this episode's segment of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, we give some love to Pierre Engvall, who has been in our doghouse and Sheldon Keefe’s for much of this season! We also explore the connection between the 2 Ilya’s and, while Justin Holl has been trying his best to make our LTL Highlight Reel, unfortunately the Ladies haven't been impressed!
Our Highlight Reel includes a couple of players who have recently picked up their offensive production, and the milestone moments continue to add up for Auston Matthews! It’s been an incredible season for #34, and while there is no doubt that he's proud of his accomplishments, he says he is focused on even bigger things! Leafs Nation is happy to hear that Auston!
For The Third Period, the Ladies are focusing on bigger things too. Namely Game 1 of the playoffs and the defence! Chris notes a few analytic stats to support her choice of defence pairings. She also puts Syl on the spot with a question about which former Leafs defenceman from the early 2000’s reminds her of Ilya Lyubushkin. Take your guess and tune in to find out if you are right! With the defence covered, we swing over to the offence as Syl wonders what fans may be expecting from the team. Is it all about the core-4 or could Sheldon Keefe’s line tinkering come into play?
It’s an exciting time of year and we are excited to announce that we will be going weekly for the playoffs! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and join us for what we hope will be a long playoff run for our Leafs!
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