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Hello there everyone, thank you for listening. We have two excellent guests for you today with Moor Mother Goddess and then with Smiljana aka Neither.
A couple of announcements before we get to the interviews…
First is that I wanted to thank you, the listener, for downloading and sharing the shows, donating to Lady Audio and for supporting the guest’s too. It really means a lot to me and the artists we have on the show. So thank you for your support. You are supporting the real music industry and it’s what we all need right now to encourage more artists to stay creative and give us something good to listen to.
The second announcement is if you are in the audio business, whether you’re an audio engineer, someone who builds guitar effect stompboxes, or if you’re a musician who records your own music, send me an email. I would love to hear from you. My email address is
Now on to the interviews.
Our guest this week is Camae, otherwise known as Moor Mother Goddess, a very talented artist who is a very prolific writer with really cool mixes.
Camae, welcome to the show.
My first question is in regards to how you got started with writing music. Will you please tell us about your history with music?
How did you get started with recording your music, and what did you start out with?
Where did the name Moor Mother Goddess come from… what’s the story behind it?
On the album “Occult Scorpio Technologies” and on some of your other works, the songs end abruptly. Personally, I think it’s very different from others might do… fading out or creating an ending, and that was one of the reasons why I liked your style. Why did you choose to go that route rather than fading out or something else?
When you’re putting a song together, do you start recording it right away, or do you write it first and then start recording it?
Besides really good mixes, you also create works for certain causes. Will you please explain about one or two of your works and the causes they’re associated with?
You also play live music and you have a tour coming up. How are your live shows different from your recorded works?
In addition to the tour, I believe you said you have another new album coming out. Are you still recording it, mixing it? Where are you in the process, and when can we expect it to be released?
What would you say to someone who is just starting out with recording their own music?
Thank you for joining me today, Camae, I really appreciate it.
Today we welcome to the show, Smiljana Nikolic, also known as Neither. From minimalistic to classical sounds mixed into industrial, Neither does a fantastic job of capturing feelings. Neither, welcome to the show.
It’s always cool to meet someone who does all the recording and mixing of their music. Can you speak a little bit about why you like to record and mix your music all by yourself?
Do you use studio monitors, or do you mix just with headphones?
You’ve got some great vocal takes. What is the mic that you’re using on your vocals?
You didn’t always have those microphones. What were you using before?
I really enjoyed your choice of reverb and delay on “A Black Hole Too Far” - what did you use on that?
You mentioned that you have a Lexicon - do you mean a real Lexicon or a plugin?
Your single, Mindf*ck, has a very industrial sound, and yet there’s also an organic element with the piano. Can you talk a bit more about your musical background and how you came to blend musical styles like industrial and classical?
Thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show, I really appreciate it, Neither.
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