Brain Rewiring for Climbing Performance


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Let’s be honest here cuz we are all friends - I used to go through a LOT of periods of time where I straight up hated climbing (primarily because I wasn’t sending or performing close to what thought my limit was)

  • What’s the point of even doing it if you’re not enjoying it?
  • There were plenty of times I thought of just finding a different sport or finding something easier but the thought of not having climbing in my life kept me in the game

It’s not realistic (or healthy) to only enjoy climbing when you’re sending, it’s about loving the process

  • Using brain rewiring to start loving the process
  • Identifying the limiting beliefs keeping you from sending harder
    • This is how the underlying limiting beliefs manifest both in our climbing and in our life
  • The difference between mindset work and brain rewiring - this is HUGE.

The biggest components of the brain rewiring rounds combine past, happy memories with future visualizations of what you want your life to look like.
Most of these negative brain pathways have the same underlying theme so even if you do have quite a few (most of us do), you can use brain rewiring to tackle the underlying limiting belief

  • Most commonly → not feeling worthy, not feeling like you deserve good things, fear of not being loved, fear of success, fear of rejection or failure

If you haven’t yet listened to episode 3 of the podcast to learn more or head over to my instagram (@ladybeta.coaching) where I’ll be going LIVE every Thursday at 1pm MST all about brain rewiring for the next 6 weeks.

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