Brain Rewiring to Boost Abundance + Improve your Intuition w/ Jocelyn Popowich


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In today’s episode, Chelsea talks to Jocelyn Popowich who is a mixed media artist, painter, forest school teacher, climber & explorer living in Squamish, BC. Jocelyn is Chelsea’s former client whom she worked with in her Brain Rewiring program - Synergy. Jocelyn will give you an inside look at her experience with the program as well as her thoughts on how it helped her to trust her intuition, heal from traumas, and boost her abundance!

Chelsea and Jocelyn talk about:

*The importance of trusting our intuition, even before we know the “why”

*Why the support of the right coach and community container makes all the difference

*How increasing our emotional understanding helps us to better identify how we feel

*How Jocelyn uses her art to cleanse her energy and ignite personal growth

*The major shifts and abundance that Jocelyn has experienced since Synergy

*How working with Chelsea has changed Jocelyn’s life over the past year

...and so much more!

**The waitlist for SYNERGY is opening in August and the program will be starting on September 13th. Join the waitlist HERE! Keep an eye out for this - you won't want to miss out on the next round!**


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