50th Podcast Episode Celebration!! + Closing Out a 3-year Project


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Today’s episode is the 50th episode of the Lady Best Podcast! Chelsea talks about how she is shifting away from hustle culture, taking time to rest and climb for fun and more! She also goes through some awesome listener questions you won’t want to miss the answers to!

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Link to route that Chelsea mentions in the episode - https://www.mountainproject.com/route/107185323/bitten

Climbing Coaches who can help you adjust your climbing for an injury -

*Dr. Tyler Nelson - @c4hp

*Dr. Natasha Barnes - @natashabarnes

Chelsea’s current coaches -

*Christina Rice - @christinathechannel

*Whitney Catalano - @whitneycatalano

*Sinead Cracknell - @heal.with.sinead

*Galina Parfenov - @parfenovtraining

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