How to Identify Ideal Clients in Your Business


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In this episode Chelsea dives DEEP into identifying your ideal clients in your business. When you are attempting to talk to everyone you are actually talking to no one. Chelsea goes over the importance of having a specific niche and how to start getting clarity around this in your business.
Do you right now have an idea of who EXACTLY you want to be working with in your business? If not, we need to change this! The MORE specific you can be the better. We want to niche down as small as possible and get inside our ideal client’s head so you can be talking directly to them when you show up on social media and put out content.
Introducing... the Ideal Client Avatar. TA-DA! One of THE MOST helpful tools you can have as a business owner/someone that works with humans is a very specific idea of the clients that you are targeting, marketing to and ultimately would like to call into work with you. We want to know EVERYTHING about these client - this can be YOU from a few years ago can also change/shift as your business grows.
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