How to Stop Being a Dick to Yourself + Become More Confident w/ Kristina Svarna


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In today’s episode Chelsea talks with Kristina (Ducky): a mindset, movement, and nutrition coach. They discuss her experience with Synergy and her journey of healing and arriving at her work as a coach. They delve into the ways simply being kind to ourselves is life changing, how the proper tools can change the choices we make and the outcomes we experience, and the cultural differences Ducky experienced from living part of her childhood in Slovakia.

Chelsea and Ducky dive into:

*how treating ourselves kindly changes everything

*the tools we use and the small choices that evolve into big changes

*feeling encouraged by the examples of other women or other people’s success

*how trauma from our childhood can change the trajectory of our choices

*the importance of truly loving and taking care of our bodies as they are right now

...and so much more!

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