Listener Q+A: Dealing w/ Failure, What to Do After a Scary Fall + Expressing Emotion at the Crag


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In this episode we are taking it back to the climbing roots! All about how to deal and redefine failure and what it means to you when it comes to your climbing. What to do and how to move forward after a scary fall and Chelsea's thoughts on expression emotions at the crag and the current stigma around it.

  1. Stigma around showing emotional frustration when climbing → experience and advice
  2. Dealing w/ failure
  3. What to do when you get “stuck” or bored bouldering when there’s nothing good to project
  4. What do I suggest after a scary fall (like almost or completely decking)
  5. Why I like kettlebells so much
  6. What is my personal outlook on own climbing for this spring/summer compared to last year

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