Optimizing Rest Days, Dealing w/ Impostor Syndrome + What to Do When Everything Feels Overwhelming


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Welcome back to the show for another listener Q+A episode! In this episode Chelsea dives deep into rest days - what constitutes as a rest day, how many to take and how to get the MOST out of them. Along with fueling on rest days and how to fit your training in during the week to see the most results.
Learn more about fueling and nutrition for climbing HERE in the episode with Caitlin Holmes.
Chelsea also talks about dealing with impostor syndrome and how to start taking steps to leave situations that are holding you or your business back. Because it's one thing to KNOW it's holding you back and it's another to gather up the courage to leave. And finally Chelsea talks about how climbing has shifted in her identity to make room for other things and what to do when everything feels very heavy and overwhelming.

  1. What to eat on workout vs. recovery days?
  2. Rest days + optimizing rest days?
  3. If balancing climbing + hangboarding 1x/week and lifting how many complete + active rest days are needed?
  4. Dealing w/ impostor syndrome and having the courage to leave situations that are holding your life and your business back?
  5. Changes in your view of your own climbing as part of my identity (vs a year ago)?
  6. What tangible things to do for moments where it all feels abysmal + overwhelming?

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