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Lady Talk Radio, hosted by Coach, Creative and Entrepreneur, Stacey Rae, is a podcast for the Ambitious Woman (thats you) focused on getting real about womanhood, our wellbeing, and doing the work we love, while sharing the grit and guts it takes to up level in life. Cutting the shit on self improvement and lady bossing, we go straight to the core and bring women from all different backgrounds to one place to start conversations that move you forward each week.
Called the “Overwhelm Whisperer” by clients and colleagues, Stacey’s genius is bringing overworked, exhausted, and burnt out women to present, healthy, fulfilled, and fierce lady bosses. Coming from a background of survival and rock bottoms, Stacey knows what it takes to stand in the fire of our own transformation and walks with you helping you eliminate the noise of the world and hear the call forward of your heart.

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