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How often have you encountered a problem and struggled to figure out where to start? Or maybe you aren’t super familiar with the browser tools available to debug your JavaScript code. So today we’ve brought on a special guest, Rebecca Hill, to help us learn about the world of debugging.

Show Notes

  • Who are you? - 1:12
  • How did you learn so much about debugging? - 2:00
  • Basic debugging steps - 3:12
  • Is debugging language agnostic? - 6:21
  • Why don't we teach debugging? - 9:36
  • Different types of debugging - 13:45
  • Common debugging mistakes - 17:09
  • Testing - 19:39
  • Browser features for debugging - 20:50
  • Tips for new developers - 22:40
  • Which browser is best for debugging? - 24:55
  • Where can you learn more? - 26:08

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