Lagging Balls Episode 186: How to PvP with One Hand!


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Lagging Balls: a community-focused Blizzard & World of Warcraft Podcast. For the people. By some people. Episode 186, hosted by Thorn and Thyst: “How to PvP with One Hand!” This week we find old friends, remake things that were already made, cringe the wrong way, make with the birds, and make with the 2s. Feedback, comments, submissions & business inquiries: Find us on: Spotify: iTunes (for iPhone): Stitcher (for Android, Microsoft): YouTube: Join Us in Discord! Join Us in WoW! Join Us on Twitch! Join Us for Friday Streams on Twitch, 10 pm EST! Thyst’s Twitch: Thorn’s Twitch: LB WoW Community Link: LB News LB T&A Applications Closed! Thyst & Thorn both on Convert to Raid #360 – Thanks again to Krushinator for donating BlizzCon Tickets for giveaway!! Warcraft News WoW 15th Anniversary Details – Free T-shirt Day August 16th 15th Anniversary Clothing Sale – Classic WoW Realms (both Horde, don’t be dumb): PvP – Whitemane (Pacific) PvE – Pagle (Eastern) Blizzard Tool to Help Old WoW Buddies Find Each Other – Overwatch News Players Recreate Dragons Cinematic In-Game – Overwatch Fans Need to Drop the Concept of ‘Cringe’ – Overwatch League Big Geese “Effective Immediately” – Role Lock Going Live Tues 8/13 – Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum expansion is live! – Hearthstone Dumps One-Hero Specialist Card Format In Esports Competitions – Heroes of the Storm New Hero Spotlight: Qhira – Storm League Updates Current Question of the Week: What would you like to hear more of on LB? What would you like to hear less of? New Question of the Week: What are you planning to play in Classic – and if you’re not playing, why not? Thank you Patrons!! And special thanks to our Top Level patrons: Krushinator, The Insane! Chris B, The Insane! Arsinic, The Insane! Become a Patron of Lagging Balls! Randomly Awesome Link of the Week, courtesy of LB Patrons: Riley Reid & Mia Malkova’s Twitch stream – Listen to this: Santana – Smooth ft. Rob Thomas (thanks Kaivax lol) – Music for this episode from:

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