Cooking Mama Conspiracy! Nintendo Mini Direct, Stupid Rabbit Rant, Doom Eternal, and much more!


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In today’s episode we’re going to talk about the Doom Eternal, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, Resident Evil 3, Animal Crossing, Bastion, Bravely Default 2 Demo, Nintendo Mini Direct, game delays, Esports on ESPN, then end with an investigation into the disappearance of Cooking Mama : Cookstar
Now we’re going to chop trees, go fishing, collect fossils, shoot balloons out of the sky, find another freaking egg, make fish bait so I don’t fish eggs out of the water, talk to another animal, catch a sea bass, go to an island, try to find tarantula island, make my own tarantula, no scope an egg balloon, get bit by a tarantula while shooting a balloon, break a shovel, break a net, break a fishing pole, go to another island to offload these freaking apples, hit Zipper bunny with a net again for fun, jump over this river, pay Tom Nook to build a bridge, pay Tom Nook for another room and THEN START IT ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW!

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