Keep Fighting! Where can you find a PS5 or XSX/S? Good News/Bad News. Avengers Flops. Lamestrodamus RETURNS!


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In today’s episode I’m going to talk about the latest Nintendo news….sort of…then we’re going to jump into the 2020 CONSOLE WARS BETWEEN THE PLAYSTATION 5 AND XBOX SERIES CONSOLES! I’ll let you know where to get one of these magnificent beasts that probably won’t fit into your entertainment center if you haven’t already preordered then give you the latest good and bad news about these boxes of power. Then I’ll take a quick break and announce the Lamer of the Week along with a visit from our old friend Lamestrodamus upon special request
Now let’s get prepare a bag with all the essentials we need for survival. Such as a canteen of water, canned food, MRE’s, a multi tool, swiss army knife, bear mace, and our Nintendo Switch because it is time to brave the cold dark wind as we WAIT IN LINE FOR A NEW CONSOLE!!! Oh wait…I’ve received a transmission from my trusty radio…apparently standing in line for the new console is not allowed…well darn…I guess I’ll go back to pressing F5 while recording the next episode of the Lamer Gamers Podcast

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