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In today’s episode we’re going to round up the week’s latest gaming news where we let you know “What’s in the box” of the Fire Emblem 30th anniversary edition, talk about some updates coming to some PS4 games that add a bit of content followed by a Nerd Alert about the Playstation regarding Sony recording party chats. Then we dive into a bunch of xbox series x rumors and get to the bottom of how hot the Xbox Series X really is. And finally if you are planning on buying a new tv to go with your fancy new console, there may be some concerns you should be aware about!
And of course we’ll take the most egregious of news items to give the coveted LAMER OF THE WEEK award by the end of the news segment!
Rowdy will also give us some insight on GENSHIN IMPACT! in this episode.
All that and more coming up on the Lamer Gamers Podcast

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