May News Roundup


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Welcome to the Lamer Gamers May News Round-Up! This episode is part of the service we provide for the people who don’t have the time to keep up with all the news and the twitters. We are going to break down the top news from the month for each console and a sort mixture of multiplatform and pc stuff we find interesting along with the most convincing rumors, the most ridiculous fake gaming news, the games that released for May, and even the games to look forward to in June!
As a quick note –We will no longer say the name of the current sickness plaguing our lands. Instead, we shall refer to it as THE GOBBLES because if you don’t wear a mask while eating garbage turkeys you will most definitely get the gobbles. It’s absolutely ridiculous but the unfortunate reality of content creation at this moment does not allow those of us to speak of the virus on our shows because the people that power the shadows on the wall at Google, Twitter, etc… will make our podcast less visible to the public.

Now that we’ve broken down our hundredth piece of gear we looted from mobs of boxy looking zombies and creepers (huh) then enchanted said armor and weapons with the ability to bring lightning down from the heavens to smite these low polygonal minions LETS GET STARTED…

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