SIDEQUEST - The Chinese Blizzard!


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Helllllooooo Lamer Gamers! This is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 and today we’re going on a sidequest! We’re going to do a deep dive into the controversy surrounding Blizzard, China, and Blitzchung. We had originally planned on doing a main quest episode but as with any adventure sometimes you can find yourself getting way more involved in a sidequest and that is what happened as we started looking into the background behind the Free Hong Kong Movement, the recent controversy with Blitzchung, and the history of how we got to the point where China can tell Activision/Blizzard what to do.
Now let’s all get in line, let a hundred flowers bloom, and start goosestepping towards the glorious future of this special sidequest edition of the Lamer Gamers Podcast.

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